Yamuna Body Rolling prevents injuries

December 6th, I went with the winners of the Caser Expatriate contest to the Yamuna Body Rolling workshop. The winners, Shellie Brown and Poti Soriano Martinez are both runners, who were very interested in Yamuna Body Rolling and loved to join me in this session. Jenny Kaiser welcomed us in her very comfortable exercise space. She prepared four mats on the floor and she had body rolling balls for all of us.

Before I met Jenny, I never heard about Yamuna Body Rolling. She explained me about the benefits of body rolling. The balls help you to avoid running injuries. I do not have a lot of experience with Yoga, Pilates or any other fitness exercises.Therefor I had to experience it for myself.

Jenny started with some simple exercises. We stretched our whole body with the balls. Beginning with our legs, feet, lower torso and all the way up to the back and neck. Because we were all runners, she had some extra exercises for the legs. Some of them were really painful at first. After the exercise we had a rest for a few minutes and then we tried to walk. It felt like we were flying. We all had the same experience. It is a combination of a massage and a fitness exercise. It helps to strengthen your muscles and I can imagen that it really helps to prevent injuries.

To complement the relaxed feeling and the healthy experience, she had made some really tasty dates with cocos-cream, chocolate and herbal tea with natural honey. I can definitely recommend it to anyone and I will come back for sure….

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