How craazzyyyy can a Crazy Race be?

pierotrun Fleur runHow crazy can a race be? This race in Moncada Valencia is probably the craziest races I’ll ever experience. Eight and a half kilometers of craziness.

When I arrived in Moncada and was not able to locate the start and finish, I got help from some very friendly smurfs who guided me through their town. There I found more crazy people all dressed in great looking outfits. After the start I found myself between a group of ninjas, guys in pink dresses, bulls and bullfighters.

sharksmurfsThe inhabitants of the village had buckets with water and hoses to give us our first water spray. Foam was next and after the first mud bath, a whipped cream fight and a waterslide, sliding down in the mud again. Climbing up with ropes and jumping down on big mattresses.

ninja turtlesCrawling under and through a labyrinth of elastic cords. Running in the forest and over long dry hilly fields. Halfway was a crawl though the mud, climbing containers with water, scrolling in hay bales and after that there was beer, fruit, water and chips.

The last part was tough. Still a long run, in totally wet and muddy clothes. I finally made it… hoppa with a belly Flop over the finish!! Craziest race I ever did…

There were a lot of volunteers and other participants who all helped if someone needed a hand. The admosphere was friendly. A great and crazy funrace…

Maybe next year again? Yeesss 🙂

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