Essentrics Classes in the River Turia Park

Pure KineticsI found Suzanne (or technically she found me) on my adventure to find new ways of exercise and to stay fit. She teaches Essentrics classes in the river Turia park. As the first teacher in Spain of this technique, she knows what she is talking about and gives very clear instructions.

classmatesI was totally blank when I joined her Eccentrics class and didn’t know what to expect of this method I never heard of before. She explained me about the technique of strengthening and lengthening your muscles by fluent movements. This full body workout results in greater joint mobility, lean and long muscles. The movements were fluent, like it was a dance. It felt great and surprisingly easy to achieve. At home I read some more about Essentrics and I learned that it has influences from Tai Chi and ballet.

Essentrics ValenciaBeing able to do the exercises outside is really nice. The fresh air and feeling all the elements. With your bare feet on the grass, the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin. It didn’t mind us at all that it was a bit chilly on this Sunday morning.

If you want to join a session with Suzanne (which I can definitely recommend) then you can join the Facebook page Pure Kinetics and join an upcoming event. The first class is for free. After that, you’ll pay 4 euros.

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