GRANADA: The place where all fairy tales come to life #beautifulSpain

fairy taleDo you believe in fairy tales? If not… you must visit GRANADA. Kings and queens, Arabian nights, mountains with enchanted forest. This is the place where all fairy tales come to life. With just a little bit of fantasy and an open mind, you can revive Granada’s rich history and live its present.

It’s not strange that Granada has been the land worth fighting for…. for over many years. Water and ice were and still are ORO (gold) in this southern parts of Spain. See the amazing water fountains in the ALHAMBRA and the GENERALIFE. Slide down the peaks of the white giant Sierra Nevada.white giant

Stroll the ALBAYZIN. Get lost in the small alleys. Just go all the way up along the white facades and let the views dazzle you. Visit the enormous cathedral and let the riches overwhelm you. Feel the difference and tolerance in the cultures.

white housesThe remains of the REYES CATOLICOS in the royal chapel, remind us of the young beautiful, but o so powerful Queen Isabella of Castilla and King Ferdinand of Aragon. Follow the aromas of the eucalyptus and let them lead you to a HAMMAM. This arab bath and massages take you to a different world.

capilla realEvery tavern gives you a warm welcome and offers food with every drink. Still convinced that fairy tales don’t exist?

See for yourself and please let me know what you think!

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