Half Marathon of Valencia 2014

caser expat teamAlready my third half marathon within a year time. My first one was exactly a year ago. After two others, I was still scared to death before the start at this half marathon. My first half marathon was a disaster. I started too fast and after kilometer 12, I was done. I finished walking, crawling and I was even helped by others.

This year I was prepared. Martin from Caser Expatriate ran with me. We talked about starting easy and that is what we did. The first 10 kilometers were relaxed and we talked a bit while running at an easy pace. Halfway the race we passed the finish line and we saw the first one finish at 58:48, a Spanish record, what we learned after the race.

run Fleur runWe found ourselves running with a mysterious Spiderman, who even wear a cap over his head. This must have been really warm. He got a lot of cheering, especially from the kids. We loved it, laughed about it and we sticked to him. It helped us till kilometer 15 in the city center, where we lost him. This is where it got hard. It was getting warm. My legs were getting really heavy, but I went on…

spidermanWe left the historical center and we crossed the Turia park over the bridge. The sun shining in our faces, we had to run the last 4 kilometers. I celebrated every single kilometer in my head, as being closer to the finish line. The last kilometers seem much longer than the others. Over and over I tought about stopping and walking for a while, but I held on. Also because of the great help of Martin. It is great to run together. It helps you very much to hang on.

team Caser expatThe 2:15 balloon came in sight and we passed it. I remembered the final kilometer in 2013 as it was yesterday. It was even a bit emotional and I went on and crossed the finish line. What another great experience. All the people cheering along the way, it was a great race. Next year definitely again!!!!

Today I got beautiful flowers from my sponsor Caser Expat to congratulate me with finishing the Half Marathon of Valencia. Thanks Caser Expat! Till the next race… #KeepRunning #ValenciaEsRunningcaser expat teamhalf marathon valencia

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