Help is needed, closer than you might think

Running is an activity that I do for myself. I never had the idea to win a race or to compete with someone else. It’s pure pleasure and working on my healthy habits. Me, me and more me…

a home is a futureThat’s when I thought, I wanted more out of running. Do something for people who need help. I ran last year for a Dutch charity organization that is called They build houses for the poorest all over the world. By running over 1.000 kilometers in 2013, I gained 390 euros to support and to help build a future for the needed.

food for everyoneThis year I talked with CaserExpat about charity. They suggested to keep it closer to home. In Valencia Spain live many people with a minimum or no income at all. They can use all the support they can get. As food is a primary element for living and the fuel for running, we decided to donate to the food bank. For every kilometer I run, Caser Expatriate donates 1 kilo of food to Federación Española de Bancos de Alimentos. At this moment I ran 800 kilometers (800 kilos already) and still counting. #KeepRunning #Running4Charity

birds and foodMy goal is NOT to ask my readers, friends or family for any financial help, like I did last year, but we want to get a more global awareness and compassion for the people who have nothing. You cannot always recognize them, when they walk the streets, but they are there and grateful with some help.

Open your eyes and try to help wherever you can.

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