Las Fallas, start at the beginning “La Cridà”

Las FallasThe idea to explain something about the “Las Fallas” festival in Valencia, started first when I saw all nice pictures and stories about the tradition of Carnival on Facebook and Twitter from my friends back home in The Netherlands. In Valencia this is not really celebrated. We have another spring festival, called “Las Fallas”. When I finish telling you the story about this crazy spectacle, you’ll love it too!

Las FallasThe opening of the festival “Las Fallas” is an important happening. It’s always celebrated on the last Sunday of February. The “Torres de Serranos” were the main gate of Valencia for many years in history, when the city was still surrounded by walls. Now the renovated gate is the decor for this very special night.

The Fallera Mayor receives the symbolic key of the city Valencia from the mayor Rita Barberá. The Fallera Mayor is the queen of “Las Fallas” and she speaks on this night to her people in Valencian: “JA ESTEM EN FALLES VALENCIANS”

Since a couple of years on this same day, there are also some other activities. There will be a DESPERTÀ and a MASCLETÀ. I will you explain these firework variation later on in another blog. Just remember it’s a firework-lover-paradise.

Las FallasValencia celebrates the biggest open air festival of the world till March 19th when the event will come to an end.  The FUEGOS ARTRIFICIALES fireworks are this day (like many other days of Las Fallas) the spectacular final of this traditional opening with a lot of show element, lights and music.

This is just the beginning. It’s not possible to tell everything there is to know about this tradition in one post. Every post will contain a different element of “Las Fallas”.

Some tips! Go to the tourist info points in Valencia and ask them for a program and map of the Fallas. Visit the official website of the Fallas in Valencia.

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