Mascletà – Valencia is in love with fireworks.

fireworks on the townhall squareValencia is in love with fireworks. Not only the traditional fireworks at night with nice colors and different shapes. The most important part of the Valencian fireworks is the noise. This typical spectacle with lots of firecrackers and a driving rhythm, is called Mascletà. From the first of March till the 19th, you can enjoy these fireworks 19 days in a row at 2pm at the town hall square ¨Plaza Ayuntamiento¨ in the center of Valencia.

The fireworks are between fences. It looks like a large cage. Safety goes first on this event, which is visited each day by thousands and thousands of people.

FallasEvery day performed by another firework-artist. The firework-masters are real heroes. A lot of them come from Valencia. After the show, they will go into the field and wave to the spectators. After that he/she will join the Falleras on the town hall balcony for accepting some more applaud.

The family Caballer is a Valencian family with a lot of famous firework-artist, from whom even work over all the world in big firework events. The family company was founded in 1880 in Godella, and today’s President, Vicente Caballer is the grandson of the founder and father of the fourth generation of Caballers who now run the company. Vicente Caballer collaborated in the fireworks of Dubai on New Years.

fireworksMarch 8th is International Women´s Day and therefore this day is always performed by a women from another important family company of fireworks Pirotecnia Marti.

You can follow the Mascetà live on Levante TV. The decibel are shown and the commentary is in Valenciano.

MASCLETÀ: You love it or you hate it, there is nothing in between.

The video below was taken on 7/3/2014 when I watched the Mascletà from the balcony at the opposite side of the Ayuntamiento. Great view… You can book the balcony here!

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