Renault Captur. Official vehicule of the Carrera de la Mujer (English)

carrera de la mujerThe Carrera de la Mujer  is the largest female sport event in Europe, designed by and for women like me and you. Running between 5 and 7 km to enjoy the sport and solidarity in eight cities that make the circuit (Valencia, Madrid, Vitoria, Gijón, Coruña, Sevilla, Barcelona y Zaragoza).

carrera de la mujerA 100% feminine and urban event, where various activities such as aerobics, zumba, concerts, etc. are performed. All in a festive atmosphere to support a charity project, boost research against breast cancer. The proceeds will go to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC).

Renault adds the urban crossover to this important initiative as the official vehicle of the Women’s Race 2014, under the motto “Capture Life”, to promote the values ​​of conquer, enjoyment and solidarity, helping to boost breast cancer research.

renaultRenault Captur will support and encourage all runners who lead and close the “pink tide” in each of the eight cities where it is celebrated. Furthermore, they will be present at the Fair prior to each race, where you can get behind the wheel of a Renault Captur and participate in a contest for an incentive.

Join the “pink tide” and try out the Official Car of the 2014 for the “Carrera de la Mujer”.

carrera de la mujerFind out more about the race and Renault here:

marea rosaTAKE PART OF THE TEAM Women@Renault

womenWhether your passion is running, or you run a race for the first time, accept the challenge and live a unique experience with a group of women who, like you, want to enjoy running this charity event under the motto “Capture Life”.

Join us on Facebook and participate between March 7th till 16th. If you’re one of the winners, you’ll get a special training session on March 22nd. You will also have other advantages:

carrera de la mujerJoin here:

#WomenRenault We look for committed women like you.
See you!

Find out more about Renault Captur here.

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