Running happy into the New Year

Running Happy New Year everyone! January is the month that we reflect the past and we make plans for the future. This year it took me a while to know where I came from and what I’m planning to do next year.

About a year ago, Caser Expat promised me to give 1 kilo of food to the food bank in Spain, for every kilometer I ran. We chose this charity to help people just around the corner. Many people in Spain do not have enough money to buy food for their families. This is something so elementary and important to stay healthy. I finished the year 2014 by running 1.000 kilometers. Caser Expat contacted me just before Christmas to let me know, that they actually will donate these 1.000 kilograms of food to Federación Española de Bancos de Alimentos. This was such a great news, knowing that Caser Expat kept their promise and I ran 2014 for a good cause.

2014 was all about running for me. I ran 2 half marathons: one in Madrid, this was spectacular and another in Valencia. In both 1/2 marathons I was accompanied by people from the Caser Expat team. I started this Franchise Sightrunning Company in Valencia, what gave me the freedom to do the thing I love most: running happy with Go! Running Tours. I can be running all day long if I want. This is called investing now. I was even invited by Renault to run in their team for the Carrera de la Mujer. I ran in Palma de Mallorca and Madrid with sightrunningtour guides. Those were such great experiences if I look back on 2014.

Running makes me happy and many fun things came along on my path in 2014. I met some amazing people. Plans for the new year have everything to do with running. My biggest wish is to finish a marathon. So my goal is to run the marathon of Valencia in November. I know that this is only possible if my body lets me run this huge distance. Therefor I have to train hard and eat healthy. Eating healthy and staying fit will be my most important goal for me in 2015. So expect more healthy recipes and activities to stay fit. Good news is that, Caser Expat will keep on supporting me side by side with a new platform. This is called Typical Non Spanish. I hope that I can tell you more about this soon!

But above all keep on running happy!!!! Let me know your plans in the comments. I appreciate that. Thanks.

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