I’m running in the rain

running in the rainA few days ago, on a bike-tour, a friendly tourist asked me if I am Spanish now, since I lived in Valencia for over 6 years. My answer was simple: As much as I love Spain, I will always be Dutch…

There are days when you feel more Dutch than other days. For the first time this year, some really bad weather was predicted here in Valencia.  Like so many other days, I went outside on this Saturday, for a morning run. On my way out, the concierge warned me about the rain. I was thinking, what he meant. Should I stay in? No way, running in the rain is even nice. There is more oxygen in the air and the rain cools your body. I had a lovely run in the rain, all alone in the park Turia, where normally thousands of people are running on a daily basis. I thought that I found my SUPER POWER: running in the rain!!! Runners in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK do this almost every day, but here in Valencia it is not so normal (at least that is what I thought)…

…..you must know that the everyday life changes, when it rains in VLC….appointments are canceled, many houses have leaks, restaurants and bars have to mop, to keep their feet and the feet of their guests dry…..

The next day, there was a competition, that I join. I saw it was REALLY bad weather outside, but decided that I should go anyways. This race was further than most other races at the other end of Valencia, near Palacio de Congresos. I put on my shorts and raincoat and took the bicycle on my way to the race. Every time I am surprised of the amount of water that falls here at the same time. I was already soaked before I arrived. From a distance, I heard the announcer yelling and I knew that I was not the only one who got up early (7 am) on a Sunday morning just to run a 6K race. The puddles were so big and deep, that you couldn’t overleap them. My shoes were so heavy (filled with water) and I had to stop twice to tie my shoelaces all over again. Later that day I heard that 3.000 runners joined me on this race.

I know that runners in the Netherlands are used to the rain and I have a deep respect for my Dutch runner friends. I must say that I was not disappointed by my Valencian runners either, who showed up for the race. And let’s be honest. Rain in Valencia is like a tropical rainfall…. It was a great experience, but I am glad, we have this only once a year.

Valencia counts over 300 days of sun each year 🙂

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