Sightrunning in Spain (travel & sports)

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anabel runningIs there any other way to travel Spain? I prefer discovering the sights by running with a local guide. When I went to Mallorca, I looked for a sightrunning company and I found Mallorca Running Tours. I spoke to Álvaro through by mail about the date and place. He was very helpful in choosing the right route. Unfortunately he was not on Mallorca and Palma de MallorcaI ran with Anabel. This was even better. She is from Mallorca and knew a lot about the history of Palma de Mallorca and she had many useful tips for the rest of my stay. I loved to see the similarities in history it has with Valencia. She told me that she was training for the marathon in New York. I followed her through Facebook and she did it. She ran the marathon. Great achievement for her and an enorm motivation for me. I would love to do the same this year in Valencia.

Cristal PalaceAfter this wonderful experience, I decided to book another tour when I was on a trip with my parents. We were on our way to Portugal and stopped for a night in Madrid. I already heard about this Dutch guy who founded Madrid Sightrunning. The next morning Robert picked me up from the hotel. He took me to the Retiro Park. Retiro parkI was there before, but never knew it was so beautiful and so big. We talked about sightrunning and our travel experiences. I loved the photos he made. You can see I had a hard time to keep up with him. He is a really fast athlete and that made this the perfect training for me. As we are in the same team being sponsored by Caser Expat, I know I will him again. I am sure I will do some other tours in other cities. It is a great way to travel Spain, while staying in form and having fun. When you are in Valencia book a tour here: Go! Running Tours Valencia

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